This is Tom. Or better known as his persona, Sir Tom! We rescued him from a shelter in South Carolina back in 2013. His litter was found on the side of the freeway, half starved to death. Don't worry though, this story has a happy ending (spoiler). Tom is now a very happy and healthy dog. Just look at that face! What regality! He now goes on many adventures, which we dub "Sir Tom's Adventures." He even once fought off a bear! Haha just kidding, maybe. Who knows.

When we adopted Tom, we vowed to only feed him the best ingredients for a healthy dog diet. That's why we created Sir Tom small batch dog treats. We wanted to share our all natural, grain free treats to the world because we believe every dog deserves the best ingredients. Our treats feature premium, real meat as the #1 ingredient and no fillers. So you can knight your own furry friend and have peace of mind knowing you are feeding them the absolute best. Huzzah!